• 1. We provide a United States based curriculum. Since most of our graduates have enrolled in institutions of higher learning, a strong college-preparatory program is made available in the high school. We recognize that some of our students may not go to college; thus, we strive to be sufficiently comprehensive in course offerings in the entire school to best develop each student’s capabilities.
  • 2. We offer a vital, Christ-centered, Biblical interpretation of learning in order to help students guide their behavior by acquiring and developing a Christian philosophy of life and commitment to a set of values and attitudes in harmony with this philosophy. Further, we wish to help students recognize, understand, and accept individual and shared responsibilities of the school, home, church, community, and country. We encourage cooperation between the school and other institutions in promoting student growth.
  • 3. We foster experimentation in the curriculum to meet the changing needs of the community served by the school, such as offering courses to meet the special needs and develop the worldviews of our international students, Third Culture Kids (TCK), and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) learners.


  • 1. We seek to stimulate the spiritual, emotional, mental, social, and physical development of each student.
  • 2. Although we recognize the importance of teaching certain skills and knowledge, our chief consideration is guiding the student to obtain and use facts to form meaningful conclusions.
  • 3. We try to help students learn how to select, evaluate, and use facts and concepts from many sources.
  • 4. We endeavor to help the student gain insights into experiences which provide the opportunity to learn problem-solving techniques applicable to life situations.
  • 5. We encourage and provide opportunities for creative expression in the school program.
  • 6. We strive to help each student develop a positive self-identity and realize his/her potentials and help work toward fulfilling them.
  • 7. We strive to help each student grow into a personal and vital relationship with Jesus Christ by providing discipleship and an environment for personal growth and then have him/her become involved in Christian witness.


  • 1. We seek to mutually stimulate the spiritual, emotional, mental, social, and physical development of each staff member.
  • 2. We encourage the faculty to be professionally competent, by keeping abreast of current developments in education and in specific subject areas, by pursuing courses of study, and by experimenting with a variety of teaching techniques.
  • 3. We endeavor to promote a friendly, helpful, cooperative, and respectful Christian relationship among students, staff, administrators, and parents. We recognize that this relationship can best be brought about by open and complete communication among those involved.
  • 4. We seek to have our staff become involved in the total school program.


  • 1. We strive to present by example and precept the virtues of honesty, moral courage, respect, kindness, and justice in order to encourage the students to recognize those qualities as essential attributes of a Christian life.
  • 2. Because of our South American location, we desire to bridge the gap of differing customs and cultures by helping our students gain an understanding and appreciation of different cultures and its peoples.
  • 3. We seek to involve the parents in the development of school programs and policies.
  • 4. We encourage the participation of the members of our community in school activities.