Alliance is investing in the future of Ecuador and supporting the missionary community by providing scholarships for students who demonstrate financial need:
  • Christian Missionaries and national pastors serving in Ecuador – Ecuadorian missionaries and pastors serving the Lord in Ecuador want their children to have a strong Christian education, however, can’t afford the tuition. AAI’s mission has always been to serve as a school for missionaries and now that commitment extends to include others involved in full-time Christian ministry.
  • Children from the Cofán Tribe in the Amazon Jungle – AAI has partnered with leadership of one of the oldest surviving indigenous cultures in the Ecuadorian Amazon, the Cofán, to help assure that they will have a new generation of leaders capable of interfacing with the outside world. The Cofán intend to develop a generation of highly-educated people who graduate with a superior education, including university training.
Please consider sponsoring an AAI student!  Without your support, many of our students above may not be able to complete their education at AAI.
Your student sponsorship will go directly towards our student scholarship program. We will provide you a picture of the family and monthly updates so that you can pray for your student!*
To sponsor a student, email or visit and designate your giving towards student scholarships!