Iniciativas Aceleradas de la Alianza

La Academia Alianza Internacional tiene el gusto de compartir con ustedes sus progresos y futuras iniciativas.  Somos apasionados sobre la manera en que Dios está cambiando las vidas de los estudiantes de la AAI para Su Reino, y estamos buscando formas de expandir Su alcance y equipar al colegio de mejor manera para servir a los futuros y actuales estudiantes y padres. Vean lo que El Señor está haciendo en la AAI y el trabajo que Él está convirtiendo en realidad. Agradecemos al Señor por su provisión y oramos por su bendición en el futuro de la AAI. 

¿Por qué apoyar a la Academia Alianza Internacional?                

Más de 85 años desarrollando líderes que transforman el mundo a través de su búsqueda apasionada de Cristo.
Durante 85 años la Academia Alianza Internacional (AAI) Quito, Ecuador, ha estado formando líderes internacionales iniciadores del cambio en nuestro mundo. Su apoyo nos ayudará a mantener este legado para las futuras generaciones.

How you can support AAI:

Annual Fund
Annual Fund gifts to AAI provide vital operation support to the areas of greatest need. With your donation, you are making an investment that impacts the school in countless ways. Gifts to the Annual Fund provide AAI with important unrestricted operating support for our programs, students, and operations.
Planning Giving
Making a gift to AAI through gift planning can be done regardless of your net worth, using a variety of fiscal planning tools such as charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities and life insurance. Often there are tax incentives and benefits that encourage charitable giving.
Endowment Program
Creating your legacy ensures AAI’s legacy.
Contributing to bolster and augment the endowment is critical to sustaining AAI’s standing and legacy. Various opportunities exist to make endowed contributions, each creating a lasting impact in all of AAI’s work by securing future leadership and an institutional commitment to Christ and academic excellence.
We invite you to engage in giving in a way that honors individuals, families, and organizations and sustains the mission of AAI for generations to come.
Make a Gift to the General Endowment
Contributions of any size to the AAI Endowment Fund are instrumental in providing support to the areas of greatest need. Such donations provide necessary funding for projects essential to fulfilling the museum’s mission and institutional initiatives.
Memory and Honor Gifts
Life is filled with special family members and friends who inspire us to extend heartfelt thoughts on a birthday, anniversary, graduation or retirement day, holiday, or after the loss of a loved one. Honor or remember the special individuals in your life with a gift to AAI. A commemorative gift to AAI offers you an artful way to mark personal milestones with a gift that endures for all time – not only for your recipient but also for the AAI community and beyond.
When you give a commemorative gift, the individual being honored will receive a personalized acknowledgement notifying them of your generous contribution and commitment to AAI, without reference to the amount of the donation.

Support us with Prayer and Giving

First, you can pray for us! Pray for our students that our teachers would impact their minds AND hearts. AAI seeks to give a transformational education and these initiatives will assist us in training these Students of the Future. Second, you can give generously and make a difference.. AAI has the ability to make a positive change in the future of hundreds of students each year. You can make this happen to a greater degree in one or more students with your financial partnership with us.

We thank our supporters for all that they do!

We are blessed by the individuals listed here who have supported AAI’s many special projects and initiatives that ensure that AAI will maintain its ground and continue its impact on children for the future.