AAI seeks to recruit and retain professionals who are passionate and committed equally to:
•    maturing in their spiritual ministry,
•    continually developing in their professional proficiency,
•    fostering their community role,
all in the context of a Christian international school serving a highly-diverse constituency.
Teachers at Alliance Academy International preferably have a US style education and either hold a valid teacher certification through The Association of Christian Schools International, ACSI, or another recognized certification agency. Pursuit of a master’s degree is required.  Training and/or experience in the area of application is required. Job descriptions are available upon request. Preference may be given to those with two years of experience or more.
Our desire is to employ those who are seeking to serve for a minimum of three years. Our ultimate desire is to have those join us who have a spiritual motivation to minister internationally in a Christian school setting. Bible knowledge and spiritual maturity is required for all faculty members directly working with students.
We are currently a diverse community of faculty and staff. Ages range from recent college graduates to teachers with over 40 years of experience. All subjects apart from Spanish and local history and culture requirements are taught in English. We begin serving parents with preschool, 3 year olds, up though the 12th grade with a college preparatory program.
We have a faculty of special education teachers and those who teach English as a second language to support our students with these needs and limitations. We have three educational therapists trained through the National Institute for Learning Development.
Classroom aides are provided for additional support, as needed.
We serve the international community, so proficiency in languages other than English is an asset. Spanish is the primary language of communication with parents.
Faculty and staff members who come from the United States and who are not affiliated with any mission come as missionaries with Resourcing Christian Education (www.RCE-International.org), while those in Canada come under the Canadian division of Commission to Every Nation (www.cten.org/).  Details regarding missionary appointment may be requested from Ellen Evans ( eevans@alliance.k12.ec ).