Thank you for considering the Alliance Academy International (AAI) for your child's education. The Academy provides an integrated education for your child –spiritually, academically, and socially. Our admissions committee considers various factors from the educational background of each student seeking admission as well as the availability within individual grade levels and programs in meeting the needs of each child.

1. Who are we?

We are an international, evangelical Christian school with a U.S.-based curriculum. Bible classes are taught daily at all grade levels, and chapel services are held weekly. Spiritual Emphasis chapels are held for a week each semester.

2. In what language are the classes taught?

All classes are taught in English (except for Spanish language classes). Students whose first language is not English must take an English test and be at an acceptable level to be admitted to our school. AAI has an extensive ESL program designed to provide the additional support needed by students who are not first-language English speakers.

3. What age does my child have to be?

To ensure the best experience for the students, we highly recommend for children to be three years old by September 1st to enter preschool 3, four years old by September 1st to enter preschool 4; five years old by September 1st to enter Kindergarten; six years old by September 1st to enter first grade; and so on.

4. Does the Academy recognize credit for homeschooling?

Home schooling credit will be granted only to students who have enrolled and have been accountable to an approved and accredited North American curriculum and course of study, such as A BEKA and the University of Nebraska. A list of schools that are approved can be found in the offices of the Secondary Principal and the Academic Guidance Counselor. Exceptions to this policy will be granted only by the Admissions Committee in consultation with the Secondary Principal and the Academic Guidance Counselor.

5. Do all courses from previous schooling receive credit at the Academy?

Each student's previous academic record is reviewed individually. The Alliance Academy International follows a U.S, curriculum in English and is accredited by SACS (AdvancED) and the ACSI; therefore, not all courses from previous schools will transfer for credit towards a high school diploma for graduation from the Academy. Depending on the level of English competency, some students may require additional time or coursework to complete the English language requirements for graduation.

6. How do do I enroll my child?

The registration process is as follows:

a. Pay the application fee, $100 (non-refundable). If the student is accepted to AAI, $50 of this fee will be credited to the registration fee.

b. You may pay the application fee in-person at our Financial Office on-campus, or via bank transfer. It is extremely important that once a bank transfer is made, you send an email to the Admissions Office and attach a copy of the transfer receipt or proof of payment.

c. Once you have made the application fee payment, please, contact the Admissions Office to schedule an appointment. For your in-person appointment you must bring all required documentation (listed below), and proof of your application fee payment. During your appointment, the Admissions Office will review that all documentation is complete and will fill out an application form with you.


· Application fee payment receipt or proof of payment

· Two recent passport-size photos

· A clear color copy of the student’s passport (and visa) or cédula

· A clear color copy of passport (and visa) or cédula of both parents

· A clear color copy of vaccination records with the date of each vaccine

· A printed screenshot of the Google map of the house where you reside with the full address and home phone numbers

· All transcripts from Kindergarten through the current school year. If these transcripts are in a foreign language, they must be apostilled, translated to Spanish and legalized in the Ministry of Education.

· Certificate that all prior tuition payments at former schools have been paid

· If you have been in an Ecuadorian school and have accumulated student participation time, bring a certificate legalized by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador

· Early Childhood students: summary of Preschool experience and/or report card

d. Once we check that all documentation is complete, we will schedule a date and time for an evaluation and interview.

e. Students from grades 7–12 should complete 4 essay questions, and take a Math and English test.

f. The interview will take place with the division Principal or Vice-principal (parents, student, and principal or vice-principal).

g. The Admissions Committee will then meet to evaluate the student’s application package. Following this, parents will be informed of the committee’s final decision, either by a phone call or email. This decision is final. No test results will be provided to parents.

h. If the student is accepted into the school, all instructions given by the Admissions Office must be followed.

i. Following acceptance into the school, parents must pay a pre-registration fee within a week in order to reserve and guarantee their spot in the school. If the fee is not paid within this timeframe, the spot will be assigned to the next applicant.

Applications to the Dorm (student housing offered exclusively to enrolled AAI students) must be submitted at the same time as the school application. To do so, please, contact Ron Sutton at


7. What is the Contact Info for Admission?

Email Address - Phone from Quito - 393-3800 ext. 6216 from Ecuador (and Cell) - 02-393-3800-6985 ext. 6216 Outside of Ecuador 011-593-2-393-3800 ext. 6216